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Default SatLover+DiabloCAM WiFi

Works good on 23.5E SatelliteBG (CAID: 0b01)

First of all you need to format your your DiabloCAM WiFi with CAS2+ or CAS3+ interface. Then upgrade the CAM with the latest firmware. Once this is done select the CAM FileSystem and the Connect to the CAM. If you want to Update your KEYS.BIN and DATA.BIN from the module through Internet you need to download the AU.XML from the CONFIG folder and edit it to include SatFreaks.
You can find the URL's here _http://www.satfreaks.tv/ulc/diablo/keys/banner.php
Now go to CAM:\EMU\CCCAM and download the CCCAM.CFG. Edit the contents with an editor like Notepad++ to preserve the encoding to ANSI (Or the CAM won't read your config). Type ONLY ONE line with small c: something like:
c:cccam.satlover.com 123123 satlover_user satlover_password
but only one line without hiting CR (Enter) at the end.
Edit your WiFi settings so the CAM can connect to the router and test it with the CI Emu from the CAS software. You can change the next settings from the CI Emu or from the CI Menu of your reciever.
Go to Configuration and set Auto PMT to OFF (On if you dont have the CAID in your CAIDS file), Emulators [ON], Emulator Priority [1:Emu - 2:Card], Smartcard MSG [Never] and the Delayer you can try different values to see wich one works best for you. Now go to AddOn and then Sharing Client, set this to CCCAM. After a moment see the server status to check if it CONNECTED. If not reboot the reciever and if client doesn't connect check your servers config and/or username password. Now start watching.
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