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Default Merlin2 Excalibur OE-1.6 DM800HD SE

Enigma2: 20101206
Enigma2-plugins: 20101206
Enigma2-skins: 20101206
GStreamer Updates (check free space on upgraded before 7025!)

DM800SE Image released

+ Enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-picondisplayinoled (dm800se only) to activate OLED Picons, just install the packages atleast one of the picon. Merlin check the menu settings to deactivate Picons
+ Enigma2-Picons-astra19e.oled.picons.usb (dm800se only)
+ Enigma2-Picons-hotbird13e.oled.picons.usb (dm800se only)
+ Enigma2-Picons-kdh.oled.picons.usb (dm800se only)
+ Enigma2-Picons-kdh.oled.picons.flash (dm800se only)
Thanks to the PPH / sven for the Picons.

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Default Re: Merlin2 Excalibur OE-1.6 DM800HD SE


Enigma2: 20,101,213
Enigma2-plugin: 20,101,213
Enigma2-skins: 20,101,213
Driver: 20101208

dreambox-dvb-modules.bb: update dm800/dm8000/dm800se/dm500hd/dm7025 hardware drivers (20101208)

- tune to symbol rates < 1000ksyms now works like old linuxtv api again
- fixed dvb-s2 linuxtv api capabilities
- vtuner fixes/speedups, add vtuner acceleration support
- fixed picture dropouts seen on some h264/mpeg services (buffer underruns)
- fixed rare PAT timeout problems after deepstandby wakeup

only dm800se:
- fixed deepstandby wakeup with the (additionally purchasable) omikron plus remote control

- fixed bcm4505/06 signal problems after few seconds on Astra 19.2 tp 11914H 27500 9/10

See also: -> Enigma2/Plugins and OE

- Make option "Bouquet up -> show favorites-list" option
- New option: optional remain / elapsed / duration display in service list


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dm800hd, excalibur, merlin2, oe16

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