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Default NEWCS Server in Windows Tutorial

How to run newcs server on windows

This tutorial shows how to configure and run a cardsharing server using NewCS and Phoenix interface under Windows system.


1. Broadband internet connection

2. Static IP address (otherwise use a DDNS service e.g. no-ip.com)

3. Cardreader hardware (e.g. Phoenix)

4. An active serial port

5. Installation of NewCS

Step One

Download latest version of NewCS. Create a directory on the drive (e.g. "C:\NewCS") and copy newcs.exe, mingwm10.dll and pthreadGCE2.dl files to that directory.
Download NewCS.zip (latest version)

Step Two

In NewCS intallation archive there is \configs directory. Extract newcs.xml.windows file from that directory, rename it to newcs.xml and copy to C:\NewCS directory.

Step Three

Open newcs.xml in text editor. First, edit the <device> tag of the file:

<!-- <boxkey>0000000000</boxkey> -->
<!-- <rsa>0000000000</rsa> -->
<priority>round</priority> <!-- hard is default -->

Obs : <node> and <newcamd_port> tags are of interest. In <node> tag specify the serial port (COMx) on which you have a cardreader hardware installed. Also, specify the debug port for the NewCS server in <newcamd_port> tag.

Edit <newcamdserver> tag:

<deskey>01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14</deskey>

<!-- Remove if you dont use reverse login -->


In <deskey> tag you set the DES key which you give to users, or leave it as default. Add some user in <user> tag.
Modify the <name> and <password> to fit your needs. You can have multiple <user> tags, of course.
When everything is done, save changes to newcs.xml file.

Step Four

Run command prompt (Start>Run>cmd) and start the newcs.exe (C:\NewCS>newcs.exe).

Now, you can test the server by connecting to it using NewCAMD, EvoCAMD, MGCAMD, WinCSC and other CAM emulators.

The data you give to the clients is following:

Host: [Your IP or DDNS address]
SKey: 0102030405060708091011121314
User: User1
Password: Pass1
Port: 10001
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